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Have you or your loved one lost control of their drinking, drug use, gambling, sexual, or other behaviors?


Are you or a loved one struggling with depression or anxiety? Is your loved one's behavior concerning or confusing?


Are you afraid that someone you love is going to hurt you or themselves with their destructive behavior?

Empowering Personal Success

Rickard Elmore is a renowned Interventionist, Treatment Strategist™, and is a leader in Life Development, addiction, and mental health recovery. Rickard and his team are experts in the treatment field, dedicated to providing individuals and their families the fundamental support and tools necessary to successfully engage in the recovery process and find healing. With a specialized background in Crisis Intervention and Relapse Prevention, Rickard has found that the key to successful recovery is finding the right kind of treatment. More About Us »

Are you concerned about yourself or your loved one’s substance use or addictive behavior?

We can help you determine what the best options are for you based on your specific needs, desires, and priorities.

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Is your loved one in denial about their substance use or addiction? Help him or her decide to end destructive behavior with an intervention; a vital, live-saving step that builds a solid foundation for recovery.

Treatment Placement

Are you looking for the right treatment? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, and need something new? Find out what treatment options are available to fit your specific needs, and what alternatives you may not already know about.

Recovery Integration

Looking for continued support after completing treatment? Get the crucial post-treatment support that will enable you or your loved one to incorporate new ways of living into every day life, for a lasting, successful recovery.